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Ten Tips for Better Bread

Author: Farm Girl  Date Posted: June 06, 2008  Hits: 1,264   Rating:  (3.0) votes 151  Word Count: 289
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I easily came up with 10 simple things you can do to immediately improve your loaves. Then I realized one sentence on each would not suffice. So this post is much longer than originally planned. Also, I tend to get carried away on the subject of bread.

Let me preface this list by stating three things. One, bread bakers are an opinionated bunch. Two, there are at least six million opinions regarding bread baking out there. And three, most of these opinions contradict one another. Such a basic process can easily get very complicated. And very confusing. Start delving through a pile of books on bread baking, and in no time at all your head will be spinning and your brain will feel as if it is made of dough. (I speak from experience.)

This is by no means a comprehensive lesson on bread baking--or even a basic introduction. If you have never baked a loaf of bread in your life, I highly recommend you begin by making pizza dough. Click here to learn more. If you are ready to try making crusty, European-style loaves such as the ones pictured above--or if you are looking for ways to improve the breads you are already making--I offer you these tips. They are not deep, dark secrets. They are not magic tricks. They are simply ten things that made my breads better. They resulted in the loaves you see here--and in my going into the bread business. So here goes. Read more...