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Saving Time In The Kitchen

Author: Dee Marie  Date Posted: June 06, 2008  Hits: 4,120   Rating:  (3.0) votes 662  Word Count: 486
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I am a big advocate of saving time where I can. Over the years I have learned lots of kitchen shortcuts and ways to save time in cooking. These techniques have translated to saving money because we are able to eat more of our meals at home. Here are some of my favorite time saving techniques.

1. Cook dinner at breakfast. I know this sounds strange but it really does save time. By cooking your dinner in the morning, you will not have the evening rush of “what to cook” which many times translates into “where can I order out” because you don’t have time to make a home cooked meal. Prepare your dinner meal while you are fixing breakfast, and then put it in the refrigerator. At dinner time, you will only have to reheat and a home cooked meal is on the table in a jiffy.

2. Learn to use your crockpot. There are many wonderful and nutritious meals that you can make in a crockpot. Place all ingredients into your crockpot in the morning, and then by dinner time you will have a healthy and delicious meal ready and waiting. It is almost like having someone cook your dinner for you.

3. On really busy days plan to use paper plates and plastic ware. It makes cleaning up a breeze. Even the kids can get involved with throwing out the plates when they are done eating. I love to combine this method with crockpot meals, because then you have only one dish to wash, the crockpot!

4. Cook two meals at the same time and then freeze one for use later on. I do this strategy on the weekends. Cook once but eat twice. Double your favorite meal when cooking such as make 2 pans of lasagne, 2 batches of pasta sauce, etc. Put one in a freezer safe c

5. Rely on your bread machine. Many people have a bread machine they rarely use. I use mine nearly every day! Put your ingredients in the machine in the morning, and set the timer to have the bread done about 30 minutes before dinner. You’ll gain 2 benefits; a wonderful loaf of bread and a house that smells like you’ve cooked all day.

Dee Marie is a freelance writer who enjoys saving time and money. You can find more money saving tips and ideas at